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SHEEP DRIVE & LIVERY FAIR, Southwark Bridge – 25th September 2022, 10am to 4pm.

Hosted by the Worshipful Company of Woolmen, the 2022 Sheep Drive & Livery Fair will take place once again on historic Southwark Bridge, which will be traffic-free for the day – and open to the public to enjoy the full atmosphere of the event Free of Charge!

The Sheep Drive & Livery Fair showcases the important enduring contribution of London’s livery companies, from the formation of the City of London in years gone by through to modern times, both in respect of the continuous evolution of sustainable trades and the important charitable endeavours in support of the various challenges we face today.

London’s fame and fortune is based around the river Thames which has been an important trade and transport route since pre-historic times, with wool in particular being a key player in the success of the City’s economy – and recognised today as one of the most sustainable fibres on the planet.

Beautifully situated with the river as our backdrop, this enables us to wonderfully bring to life and narrate the historic tradition of Freemen of the City of London exercising their ancient right to drive sheep across the Thames into the City to market.

The Sheep Drive is flanked on either side of the bridge by the Fair where livery and specialist wool companies celebrate their trades with interactive displays and activities and sales of their wares.   

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