Sheep Drive & Livery Fair 2023

Sheep Drive & Livery Fair 2022

Celebrating the Sheep Drive’s 9th Anniversary, best-selling author and one of the UK’s most-loved broadcasters, Kate Humble accompanied The Lord Mayor of London, The Right Honourable Vincent Keaveney and Guests, leading the first drive of the day!

An early morning photocall with Dignatories and Special Guests.

The Guild of Young Freemen, preparing for the day ahead!

A huge thank you to our Headline Sponsor, The Campaign For Wool, seen here taking their dedicated Sheep Drive and visiting the Fair.

And to all our other Sponsors for their generous support – British Wool, Welsh Wool, Vispring, AON, Azad Ayub & Dr Henrik Paulsen.

The Seamarks and the real stars of the day – their North of England Mules, including Chino tucking into his favourite treat – a digestive biscuit.

Sheep Drive participants having a wonderful day!

Welsh Wool (Sponsor) enjoying spreading #choosewelshwool at the Fair. The Welsh Wool project has received funding through the Welsh Government Rural Communities – Rural Development Programme 2014-2020, which is funded by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development and the Welsh Government.

Livery company stall holders demonstrating and selling their crafts – WCo Bakers, WCo Upholders, WCo Woolmen, WCo Turners, WCo Saddlers, WCo Basketmakers, WCo Wheelwrights and WCo Loriners.

A fabulous demonstration of side stitching of a luxury mattress at the Vispring (Sponsor) stall.

A selection of stall holders whose stalls were generously sponsored by affiliated Livery companies – Romney Tweed (WCo Drapers), Yussico (WCo Leathersellers), Ashley Jess Knight & The Experimental Weave Lab (WCo Clothworkers), Ruskin Mill Trust (WCo Woolmen) and Fine Cell Work & The Grange at Bookham (WCo Broderers).

Specialist wool stalls including Gather, who launched at the Fair. They understand the financial challenges many likeminded smallholders and farmers face with no viable outlet for their prized wool – and as a result pay considerably more than market value for the finest wool fleeces they procure, making them a sustainable venture for their partners. Also pictured; J.J. Textile, Georgie Porgie Little Miss Muffit, THE GREY SHEEP Co., cdbdi and some beautiful sheepdog inspired artwork & special event book ‘The Drive’ from Two Blue Dogs Designs.

A clear and strong message being delivered at the British Wool (Sponsor) stall.

Fellow ‘Woolmen’ stalls including Aled Rhys Davies (PRUEX) – launching his ‘Walkies Wool’ product, Jane Barker (Dalefoot Composts) and Spencer Hannah (Herdy), talking wool mattresses and meeting Beatrix – a rescue Herdwick from Spitalfields City Farm.

The team from Spitalfields City Farm did an amazing job with their stall and rare breed Castlemilk Moorit sheep. Beatrix, who lost her ear in a dog attack when she was young, now helps to educate about dog lead safety around livestock.

Tim Spittle, Founder of Blacklion Vodka – Europe’s 1st Award-Winning Sheep’s Milk Vodka. A premium vodka sustainably produced, using what was once a waste product. Made by hand using a special distillation method, using milk from the crossbreed of sheep that graze on the fields of the family-owned farm.

Andy Wear – Fernhill Farm, once again delighting visitors to some expert blade shearing displays.

A huge congratulations to Andy Wear & Jen Hunter for winning the 2022, Farmers Weekly ‘Sheep Farmer of the Year’!

Lots of fun for the whole family!

Innovation in Wool Awards, 2022 winners Graham Hull & Thomas Lind with their inspirational Wool Pots.

The Lord Mayor welcomed an unusual visitor to Mansion House to officially declare the Sheep Drive 2022 bookings open.

“Harlequin” – a crossbreed ewe from the Woodlands Farm Trust, a City Farm, accompanied members of the Worshipful Company of Woolmen and distinguished guests, including some of our key 2022 sponsors, The Campaign for Wool, British Wool, Vispring and AON.

Images and film that capture the wonderful essence of the Sheep Drive & Livery Fair 2021.

The Lord Mayor of London, The Right Honourable William Russell with Amanda Owen, The Yorkshire Shepherdess and Guests, leading the first drive of the day!

“The Cadets, led by Ms Danielle Lucas – from various detachments forming No. 4 Company, The City of London and North East Sector of the Army Cadet Force“.

Amanda Owen, The Yorkshire Shepherdess, adding a touch of style – another beautiful shot from Andy Sillett Photography.

A morning photocall with our Sponsors.

A huge thank you to all our Sponsors for their generosity in supporting a wonderful day – The Campaign For Wool, AON, TENACTIY, Dr Henrik Paulsen and Lord Ranger CBE.

Our Headline Sponsor The Campaign For Wool, with Canadian Campaign For Wool & British Wool Guests.

Special Guests visiting Stall Holders at the Livery Fair.

The Seamarks – their sheep and dogs.

EweTube: View Chino the sheep with GoPro preparing for the big day!

The Guild of Young Freemen, including Master Louise Starling at The Worshipful Company of Woolmen & THE WOOLSUST FUND Stall.

Formalities with The Guildable Manor of Southwark before setting off.

Our hard working Woodlands Farm Trust and other City Farm Volunteers, the Seamark Volunteers, Ian Roper of Westpoint Farm Vets and the RSPCA – for keeping all four legged participants and visitors behaved and well cared for!

With thanks to the The Company of Communicators for all their support on the day.

Stall Holders – North side of Southwark Bridge.

The Worshipful Company of Upholders – Master Wendy Shorter-Blake MBE, with Beadle Roy Theobald inviting Company Masters to add a brass nail to his board, which has travelled with him to events for c10 years – with the most nails added at the Livery Fair 2021!

Derek Hunt of the The Worshipful Company of Glaziers captures the wonderful atmosphere of the day including interviews with The Lord Mayor of London talking about the Guilds and The Master of the Glaziers. 

EweTube: Watch Derek Hunt’s wonderfully fun film.

The Lord Mayor of London about to try his hand at spoke shaving with The Worshipful Company of Wheelwrights – and more Stall Holders.

Book signing at the Waterstones stall with Amanda Owen, The Yorkshire Shepherdess.

BBC London News filming at the Ruskin Mill Trust stall – sponsored by The Worshipful Company of Woolmen.

EweTube: View BBC London News Footage.

Stall Holders – South side of Southwark Bridge.

Simply enjoying the day!

Andy Wear – Fernhill Farm treating visitors to some expert blade shearing displays.

More business taking place at the Upholders stall, with Special Guests including Alderman Vincent Keaveny getting ahead of the game!

A lovely family day out.

The Wild Wool Shepherdess family on a City adventure with their beautiful sheeprugs.

Participants and visitors – Dressed for the occasion.

More Stall Holders and a new friend.

A celebratory thank you to our hosts – The Beautiful Southwark Bridge, The River Thames, The London Borough of Southwark and The City of London Corporation! With fabulous water displays from the London Fire Brigade – Lambeth Fire Boat, the Little Ship Club inviting potential & new members to visit their riverside premises and some lovely new friends and followers at Urban Herdwick.

Twitter: View London Fire Brigade’s – Lambeth Fire Boat Water Display.

The real stars of the day – The North of England Mules!

Not forgetting David Seamark’s fantastic dogs…. getting in on the action with our event photographer Andy Sillett – Andy Sillett Photography.

Master of the Woolmen, Alderman Sir David Wootton – participants, guests and visitors!

End of a wonderful day…

… and as the sun sets, thank you to the City of London Corporation Cleansing Dept. and Veolia for ensuring Southwark Bridge is Sheep Shape and ready to re-open”.

With special thanks to the Woolmen’s Management and Administration Team who worked tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure the event was safe and enjoyable for all!

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